Super Duper Party Pooper Review


Developers Kbros Games created smash hit game; ‘There’s Poop In My Soup’ which has now got a follow-up as crazy and as poop filled as its predecessor; ‘Super Duper Party Pooper’! Travel around the world, eating tasty foods from silver platters as it speedily turns into poop that you can fire onto dancers’ faces. Yes, it is a very, very weird game.

Starting the game, I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, the first place you start your poop journey in is China where you make your character eat noodles and dumplings and the more you eat, the more poop shots you will get! However, you will have to wait until the silver dish pulsates before you eat the food or you will make your character unhappy and if he gets really sad the game will end.

The controls are very simple to grasp as it tells you what to do when you select a level on the main menu. To eat the foods you need to use the Q, E, A and the D keys to aim your tongue in the correct directions and once you have eaten enough it is time to take aim on the dancers! Very simple, just move your butt with the A and D keys and use the W and S keys to aim up and down. When you are happy with the positioning then hit the space button to release the poop pellets.     


To progress to the next levels, you will need to achieve a certain amount of points to unlock the next destination. If you complete a level a certain way or reach a particular score you can unlock Steam achievements along the way and there are 26 in total to collect. The higher the score you get the better the trophy you will achieve for the level so try and aim for gold if you can.

There are six different destinations in total and if you would like to change things up and make it more your style, you can choose to add your own custom song so the dancers’ will dance along to the beat of your chosen song. That was music to my ears!

The graphics and art style of the game is quite cute, I like the game icon with the extremely happy poo and the animation when a dancer gets shot in the face by it. Games with attractive art styles and cute characters is definitely one of the selling points of me choosing to play a game, so this must have been a very adorable poo. The six levels had a very similar layout with your food eating character at the front eating off a silver platter and the only differences were the dancers and the platforms they were on. Sometimes it will be further away or maybe they will be higher up, you’ll have to play through the levels to find out!


The music matches the theme of the destination really well, so for example the first level was China so oriental style music will be playing as you play. The main menu music reminds me of a circus, where they play silly songs and tunes to entertain their guests, I felt like one of them guests playing this game, it matched the craziness of the game really well.

Overall, it is a nice short game to try your hands on and it is available to purchase on Steam right now! There’s only one kind of pooper to be – and that is a Super Duper Party Pooper!

Rating 5

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