Kirby: Triple Deluxe Review

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Come and join everyone’s favourite pink, round ball on another one of his adorable adventures! Play as Kirby as he devours bricks, trees and monsters to once again save Dreamland from utter chaos. As I have grown up playing Kirby games since I was a young girl, it will come as no surprise that I was excited to play the game. I know, some people find it too childish and maybe even tedious at times but I enjoyed it without a doubt. Playing games I am quite the perfectionist, I like to collect all the collectables in the game in one go and if I haven’t I would replay the level straight away. That must make me sound so sad.

Anyway, in this game’s adventure a mysterious new enemy has kidnapped King Dedede and has escaped to the top of a giant Dreamstalk and of course you are the one to save the day! As it’s the 3DS console they have created a game play where you can go from background to foreground throughout the levels which is an interesting touch if you have played the previous Kirby games. The game features new abilities as well, such as the Hypernova mode where you are pretty much indestructible, the archer ability to do some sharp shooting and the beetle ability to grab enemies with your horns and slam them to the ground. That’s some pretty cool moves.

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The controls are very simple to grasp, just move the D-pad or thumb-stick in the direction you would like to travel and away you go! To suck in your enemies, hold down the B button and if it is an enemy with a special ability, press down on the D-pad and you will take their power. Spit out your enemy by pressing B again whilst they are squirming in your mouth, this will deal damage to enemies upon impact too. To jump is the A button and blocking is either L or R button (your choice). If you feel you are too good for the ability you have and want to try something new, press the X button and say byeeee in the original Kirby fashion. Top tip, button mashing the A and B buttons will definitely help when trying to combo enemies!

Throughout the game you come across chests which are scattered across the different levels. Inside you can obtain an assortment of cool key chains and they each resemble an important legacy of the Kirby franchise. Collect them all and become the Kirby master! Apart from the story mode there are also other things you can do to keep entertained! You can duke it out in Kirby Fighters where you can connect with other Kirby lovers or play against computers and fight using your favourite ability, last one standing wins.

If you are looking for something a bit more challenging then there is also a boss rush mode! This mode will take you back to the gruelling boss battles and one after the other you will fight them to the death, but it’s a lot harder than you think. You don’t recover health each time you defeat an enemy, so think before you act is the key to survival! The last additional game mode is Dedede’s Drum Dash! To say thanks for rescuing him from the big, bad enemy, King Dedede has allowed you to play some sweet music with his precious hammer! Listen to the beat of the music and tap along, collecting music notes and avoiding the pesky enemies blocking your path. I played this mode a few times, it’s fun but can become quite annoying when you die a lot like I did. But don’t let me put you off of course!

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As this Kirby game is relatively new and is on the 3DS, the graphics are visually attractive and with the 3DS effect it makes it look even better. You can see when playing the game that the art designers have put in a lot of effort when designing the different maps and stages and also how Kirby moves and attacks its enemies. The colours are usually quite light and not too in-your-face so you won’t be experiencing any nausea when playing the game. In short, the game is a treat for the eyes to see!

In the various levels and mini-games you play through there are different background noises and also a background sound depending on whether you’re fighting a boss, doing a race or just casually sitting around. There is a mixture of different tunes that are played in this game, from something cute to very up-beat to even a sinister dark sounding song when you battle bosses and I feel they have chosen these sounds well. Of course, if you have played the previous Kirby games then you would definitely recognise one or two of the original sound tracks.

To me, a Kirby game can never bore me, I mean how could it? It’s just too darn cute! I am sure I would definitely be playing this game again as I need to collect all the keychains and make sure the game is 100% complete! With that said, Kirby: Triple deluxe will be offering you triple the fun, triple the adventure and triple the puffiness. A definite must play for Kirby lovers and avid Nintendo fans!

Rating 8

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