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Fat Penguin! Now we have broken the ice – Making it’s way from Playstation Vita and PC Steam comes the strenuous Run Run and Die: Mimi’s Revenge. Who is Mimi? Why has she locked our Penguin hero in a hellish complex full of poison, spikes and bombs? All perplexing questions as you are thrown into this endless runner with nothing but a wicked laugh echoing through the surroundings. With 24 levels available to unearth the truth you better be in the mood to endure as the title suggests, you will be running a lot and you will be dying a lot.

With the tagline “simple to play but hard to clear” this couldn’t be more true. With literally the “A” button being the only one necessity needed to complete the game, anybody can easily play. It takes a special sort of gamer though to conquer all 24 levels. At times it will feel incorrigible but stick at it and you are rewarded with some fantastically designed levels that even have throwbacks that bring some nostalgia to any veteran fan.

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The camera use is a clever innovation as gameplay is shown constantly through different security cameras. These angles contribute to the difficulty factor in a unique way as you must learn the perfect pattern of when to jump and avoid obstacles. Great little details on the screen go such a long way to make it seem an authentic security camera whilst also incorporating useful information. When used on the Wii U GamePad which does support off-TV play, the game feels completely immersive as you feel like you are literally watching a security feed.

Whilst on the topic of the GamePad, the controls disappointingly offer nothing new with (as previously stated) there only being one button used. Some opportunities are possibly missed to not incorporate what the GamePad has to offer, still Pixelbone are not the first to avoid this. What I did find however was that offscreen play looked just as sharp as on a widescreen; debatably better. More suited to a handheld I spent the majority of play using the GamePad.

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Throughout the game you are given snippets of the story in between completing levels. These are told in colour illustrations that help drive you forward. The factory is a great backdrop to the escapade with levels divided into one of two concepts. The first being a more 3D take, that bares resemblance to Super Mario 3D World. These take full advantage of the security camera aspect. The others are 2D which are a flat normal camera shot that resemble a Super Meat Boy like game. The use of shadow and light play a particular strong part in the 2D with cel shaded like graphics showing in 3D. Machine noises are propelled most to audio with an arcade style soundtrack to personify the nature of the video game. Ramping up the tension when you reach the final hurdle only to fall flat on your face.

Simply if you love challenge and are willing to endure to succeed Run Run and Die is for you. With innovative camera control, variation in level style and nostalgic throwbacks there is plenty for those not accustomed to steep difficulty still to appreciate. The GamePad may not bring much to the table, yet it offers the quintessential experience.

Rating 8

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