The Sun and Moon Review

The Sun and Moon Review

The most complex games are not necessarily the most fun ones to play. Sometimes in a game a developer needs only one simple game mechanic—with a little game design oil—to expand into a full-fledged game. Sometimes I find it unbelievable looking at some one person indie developed games; it makes you wonder ‘How did they do that on their own’ in your head. Well that’s what Daniel Linssen did with ‘The Sun and Moon’ in my enjoyable play through of the game.

The Sun and Moon is mainly a level based game, There is no story in the game because the gameplay is the main feature of the game. The main goal in the game is to collect three collectibles in a timed based environment. The Sun and Moon emphasizes speed and getting the fastest time in each level, every level has three times to beat; these times go from the third fastest time to the first fastest time. Completing a level and beating the fastest times will give a little reward. Beating the third fastest time will reward you a crescent moon medal, beating the second fastest time will reward you a full moon medal and finally beating the fastest time will reward a sun medal; hence why the game was given the name ‘The Sun and Moon’.

The Sun and Moon Review

The Sun and Moon plays like any 2D platformer but with one unique game mechanic, you can dive into the ground; the ground basically becomes jello in the game. When you dive into the ground at the base level you are immediately spit out, but if your character dives into the ground from a great height then you’ll be able to get to platform that couldn’t be achievable before. Knowing that Daniel Linssen is the one who developed The Sun and Moon the art looks really, I am immediately reminded of the art from Sound Shapes.

I will give Daniel Linssen a lot credit for the replay value in The Sun and Moon. For the people who try to get all the achievements or trophies in any game there is a lot of incentive to beat the level on the fastest time. The great thing is that you don’t even have to collect all the medals in the game, the achievements or trophies will pop only after collecting one hundred of them; which is still a lot but it’s better than collecting them all.

The Sun and Moon Review

I will say if you’re just going through this game with no intention on beating every level’s fastest time, this is still a pretty hard game. If you are still motivated to beat all the times in the game then you will find yourself cursing a lot because that is hard task.

The Sun and Moon is a very brilliant game, there were many times in my play through I found myself scratching my head trying to figure the fastest way to beat a level. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys figuring out difficult puzzles in games or 2D platformer games.

Rating 8

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