Laser Blaster Review


Commander, you are our last hope! These are the final words that are spoken before you are set upon protecting your planet from waves of enemy lasers coming from the night sky. With only a limited number of ammunition, precision is key if you hope to succeed. Every day you must repel targets away as you slowly improve your stance.

The aiming and overall gameplay from the off clearly makes the Wii U GamePad the main focal point; one problem many developers have failed to utilize in its lifespan. Can Laser Blaster be one of the final swan songs for the system? Or is it another failed attempt to invigorate an already deceased console?


Simple normally means accessible as something that needs minimal explanation so you can jump in and play. This plays well as your only controls are aiming your missiles. This doesn’t bode well with helping the lifespan. The aim of defending your base and shooting down enemy lasers only lasts for so long. The level variety is similar throughout making the experience tedious with pressing difficulty the only thing that will keep you awake.

Going into Laser Blaster, I immediately felt that it would be feel more suited on the 3DS. Focusing so much on the GamePad you would think for a game where you will continuously be repeating, trying to better your score (that is not too deep in controls either) it would be better as a pickup and go. Even mobile has taken advantage of this now, however I can see using the stylus is much more accurate than the actual using your finger. If I’m going to sit down and load up my console its highly unlikely I will choose a strategy-shooter like Laser Blaster. On the go whether five minutes on the bus, train or wherever. I’d be more inclined to spend time.


This is on the Wii U though and for this the GamePad is strongest. By strongest I mean its really your only option as using the stylus to select your target whilst concentrating on your television proves impossible for getting that sweet spot. The score system is nothing out of the ordinary and the upgrade shop lets you add one upgrade after completing each level. This can include more ammunition, bigger radius of explosions or quicker speed to name a few. They barely scratch the surface of what is needed to make Laser Blaster compelling. The drab colors and lack of engaging music make this nothing more than a short lived attempt. The price of the game is cheap though, so don’t be expecting high quality

Laser Blaster tries using the Wii U GamePad to make the game more engaging, however with a lack of  gameplay variety, toneless music and pointless upgrade the whole ordeal is pretty poor. For the low cost paid for the digital title, you clearly pay for what you get. Regretfully if placed on a handheld Laser Blaster may have actually faired better, yet its just another throw away. Commander down.

Bonus Stage Rating - Poor 3/10

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