ACT IT OUT! A Game of Charades Review

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Little known fact about myself, I am a sucker for party games. I’ve always enjoyed being able to gather most of my friends and spend a few hours playing silly games. The most recent party games that have come out so far that I am in love with would be the Jack Box party pack. Until now that is. This has to be one of the most fun party games I have ever played. It has multiple ways to play and can be played with as little as two players, or up to eight! The game does need the Wii U game pad, as that’s how the players know what their prompt is.

There are two modes to play on, classic and variety. In classic mode you get to pick the category. Which is awesome because there are so many categories to choose from. Some examples are video games, books, and movies. Then in variety mode the prompts are chosen from a random category. In both modes you can switch through the phrases if you get one you don’t know. You are on a timer though so be sure you are picking quickly! This game isn’t just a normal game of charades though.

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In the game there is four performance types. There is acting where you act out your prompt like normal charades. Then there is drawing where you use the Wii U gamepad and draw out your prompt. The third performance type is singing where you must hum or lala the song. Lastly there is the describing performance type, where you describe the plot of your prompt. The describing one can be pretty funny!

When I played this game I had four people playing with me. We chose variety mode to start with. Then you choose how many players there are. So I choose four players. Three options come up after that which is basically you choosing how scoring works. There is all vs all where each player has their own score. Cooperative in which everyone’s score is added together and you try to get the biggest score you can. Lastly there is team play where you split into two teams and try to get the higher score. We went with all vs all and oh my goodness did we all have a blast! There was yelling, laughing and lots of inside jokes all made thanks to this game.

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Something I really liked about the game was that you can choose how long each game lasts. Theres an option for a short round, which lasts 15 to 20 minutes. Then there is a medium round which lasts about 30 minutes. The last one is a long round that keeps the game going for up to an hour or a little more. So, when my group of four of us played we started out with variety and picked all vs all and did a short game. On variety you don’t pick a category, it gets picked for you. I’m not gonna lie it’s pretty funny to watch a full-grown adult male try to act out Justin Bieber Never Say Never. Or laugh at my friends drawing of Legend Of Zelda.

There are so many categories that none of us saw the same thing twice. After we played a short game we played a long one. We were all having so much fun we probably played for a good 2 hours. This game is probably better played at age 13 and up, as some of the prompts have older things in it. I’m even thinking about showing my mom ad grandmother this game. I know they would love it. Even though the game doesn’t have much going on-screen wise the cute cats were my favorite things to look at, and the colors used throughout the game just fit so well. As I’m finishing this review I have ACT IT OUT! A Game Of Charades loading up in the background, and friends on the way over.


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