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It has been a long time since I have played a tower defense game. I believe the last one I ever played was Bloons: Tower Defense, the flash game with the monkey and darts. I had played a few others before that and I know that you had to set up obstacles in order to stop the enemy. So isn’t that how they work? You choose the obstacles, and you choose their placements. Defend Your Crypt approached tower defense in a different way. It’s not a bad thing, it was just not what I expected. It did feel like it took away from the game a bit though.

Being able to choose my trap and place it where I feel it would be more useful was one of my favorite things about tower defense games. It was always fun to see what would happen if I placed one trap next to another, or lining up a bunch of arrow traps to watch my enemies fall over one by one. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to try any crazy trap placement! The traps in this game are already placed for you. Which sucks because when you really start looking at your crypt you realize that if this trap was moved a bit more you would have a better of chance of enemies not getting to your treasure.

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Each trap on your screen has to be unlocked by skulls, and they each take a certain number of skulls to unlock. You active these traps by clicking on them at just the right moment. The first few levels are pretty easy breezy. The thieves come in to Your Crypt to take your treasure, you click on traps to unlock them and then click them when the thieves are on them, they die, you got to the next level. You gain skulls with each thieves death and each level you clear.

There are a few different traps you get to use. One of the first you get introduced to is the falling floor trap. It can be one of the most useful traps, but it is also one of the harder to use ones as your timing needs to be near perfect. Other traps are floor spikes, falling walls, and wall arrows. Strategy is definitely a must in this game because levels will become harder and more difficult. Requiring more planning ahead of time since you have to click on a trap when you want to use it. The later levels are so crazy it made my head hurt. At one point I had thieves dropping down on different sides of the level at the same time!

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Another challenging thing about this game is that some levels have two stories! No, I’m not kidding! So while you have traps to worry about at the top you have to worry about the ones on bottom and you have to switch between floor one and floor two to keep up with all them baddies! The chaos caused more than one funny look from my fiance as I had to move my fingers quickly over the Wii U gamepad. At one time I even dropped it! OOPS!

The music in the game was kind of cringey. It sounded like it was badly recorded. At some points in the soundtrack the thing that sounds like a flute gets really high-pitched and it sounds so out-of-place. The soundtrack is the same throughout the levels, there are 30 levels, and even an option to make the levels more difficult. I did not try the levels on a harder difficulty, since I was barely getting by on the normal difficulty levels.


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